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Auto Click within an application

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Hello folks,

 I am trying run a program within an SAP  program but based on a specific name. To be clear,

Step 1- I am able to open the program from the program files directory.

Step 2 - once it opens, there are a list of recent projects that i worked on, so i use button class to click on the specific project (which works for now but it can change).

Step 3- Then i have click a sub directory once it opens

Step 4 - to execute a function key (f8). 

I use the Autoitv3 Window Info to grab the class name for step 3 and i get AfxWnd70u . Below is the code i am using, but step 3 doesnt work. 

Run ("C:\Program Files (x86)\xxxner.exe")
WinActivate("SAP xxxxxxxxxxx")
Send ("{Enter}")
ControlClick("SAP xxxxxxxxxxx", "", "[CLASSNN:Button14]")
ControlClick("", "" , " [CLASSNN:AfxWnd70u]", "",109,73)



Any help on that and also how to accomplish Step 2 based on the word recognition.




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If the:

ControlClick("SAP xxxxxxxxxxx", "", "[CLASSNN:Button14]")

is working, you can Send an arrow down Key using the send command and then Send ENTER

or perhaps your interface has a place where you could just ControlSetText the entire path to your project and skip both of these steps...


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Regards Autolaser

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