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Mimmic one action of a program

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My computer is a MSI AIO (It's a PC that's just a screen, like a mac) that has the headphone jack right behind it. Every time I want to switch between speakers/headphone i have to turn the whole PC, and unplug/plug back the headphones.

That was, until the day I found MSI made an application called "msi Gaming Control Center" that lets you switch between headphones/speakers clicking on a button. However, booting this app and clicking it takes about 20-30 seconds, and I have a spare key in my keyboard I'd like to use to do this single action.

I can program my keyboard to execute an application with no problem. I made a script to increase/decrease the volume, increase/decrease brightness easily, etc. (an Autoit script that uses http://nircmd.nirsoft.net/) gosh... I'm really used to laptops....

Is there anything that could guide me how to acomplish this? I tried looking for what DLLs does this program call with procmon, however, I have a hard time understanding it.

To those who make UDFs that work with DLLs, how do you know which methods are available?







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My first and main question would be is this a separate audio device that your toggling between or the same audio device and changing a setting.


If its the prior there are lots of easy ways, including this I found written with AutoIT



If you're just changing a setting for a single device (like in my example at home chaning my line in port to a mic in port on my soundcard) that may be more complicated.


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