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Iniread then file move probleam

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Hi everyone~

I need help

I got one Server and ten PC. PC boot from Server and bring the common file.

this is my question.

I want file move to ten pc each diffent file. I mean

ex)   01PC    d:\example1/config.exe → c:\example1\config.exe

        02PC    d:\example2/config.exe → c:\example2\config.exe

        03PC    d:\example3/config.exe → c:\example3\config.exe

        04PC    d:\example1/config.exe → c:\example1\config.exe

        05PC    d:\example3/config.exe → c:\example3\config.exe

I made INI file









Pc mac address check and file move to each pc.

My english suck.. I hope understand my explane. thz





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I would structure the INI file like this:


And the script would be something like this:

$iniFile = @ScriptDir & "\config.ini"
$thisPCMAC = "BC-5F-F4-6D-7B-B2"
$compCopy = IniRead($iniFile, "PCCheck", $thisPCMAC, "Not Found")
FileCopy("d:\" & $test & "\config.exe", "c:\" & $test & "\config.exe")


Just to note, I think there are better ways of doing this such as embedding all the configurations in one config.exe. To do this, I would make each configuration a function and call up the correct one by the MAC address. This would allow you to have only one config.exe instead of multiple ones.

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