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screen overlay for all applications

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I have a small program that collects some user response about applications. The user needs to give input about what application they are talking about. To get this input my application lets you click on the application and then reads the name of the application. This is working nicely.

To take it one step further I would like to make it more visual so when the user gets to the point he needs to click on the application, I want that application window to show an overlay of some kind.

How could I create such an overlay?

Thanks in advance!


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Im sure a GUI command is the more proper way to handle this but I use SplashTextOn() for an overlay in some of my stuff.  

An example is while downloading a file off FTP a small overlay goes to the top left corner of the screen to let the user know a download is in progress.


To really help you with code and not just ideas you would need to post your code so we know what you already have.

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