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Unicode question

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I'm getting JSON from Russian website but actual text for title comes like in Unicode. I'm saving data as FileOpen( , 1+128) Unicode UTF8 (with BOM
It keeps saving garbage like that "веÑеÑинкÐ"    How do I fix it?

I wrapped response to   BinaryToString

$Response = BinaryToString($oHTTP.ResponseText,4);
it gives me half-baked Russian ""�?лассика KL10TCH для �?�?�?а�?ей �?ок-н-�?олла и консолей: л�?бим�?е �?�?еки, ги�?а�?а, бас, ба�?абанная �?с�?ановка и  сове�?�?енно нов�?е �?азвле�?ения �?? Kinect dance&sport и доска Tony Hawk Ride.


"results":[{"id":67545,"title":"веÑеÑинка «Valentine Day» в Ciao Bella bar & kitÑhen","rank":-1238040.395346,"favorites_count":2,"comments_count":0,"first_image":{"id":260079,"image":"http://kudago.com/media/images/event/81/07/81075c03c06ba5ddef91a4363acc36ff.jpg","thumbnails":{"144x96":"http://kudago.com/media/thumbs/144x96/images/event/81/07/81075c03c06ba5ddef91a4363acc36ff.jpg","640x384":"http://kudago.com/media/thumbs/640x384/images/event/81/07/81075c03c06ba5ddef91a4363acc36ff.jpg"}},"description":"ÐеÑело оÑмеÑаÑÑ ÐÐµÐ½Ñ Ð¡Ð²ÑÑого ÐаленÑина, влÑблÑÑÑÑÑ Ð¸ пÑизнаваÑÑÑÑ Ð² лÑбви пÑиглаÑÐ°ÐµÑ ÑеÑÑоÑан Ciao Bella bar & kitÑhen на ÐевÑком.\n


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