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How can i refresh the desktop with autolit3 ?

Others will probably have a better solution but here is my attempt


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It depends on what you mean by "refresh".

Sometimes you get a bad "paint" of the desktop (a part of a window left behind) then painting over it with another window (like notepad maximized - then closed) might solve the problem... but within your windows file explorer; when you force a refresh, the "focus" goes to the top of the list. (I'm not sure if I'm using the correct term here - it seems to give the item "focus" much like the ControlFocus command does on a button but it does not select or highlight the item... I'm going to call that focus in this post.)



Might do what you want, but it does not cause the "first item" on my desktop to get focus.

This line of code does:

ControlSend("Program Manager","",1,"{F5}")

To test this, place an "au3 file" directly on your desktop that contains only that one line of code.

Select that file and run it.

Focus should go to the "first item" on your desktop... at least it does for me.

Another topic that I've seen in other posts - "refresh the desktop" meant change the wallpaper in the registry and force an update (or refresh) without using the OS GUI. Sending an F5 will not do that.



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