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GetAsyncKeyState Mouse button 5

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Hai guys :)

I wana know how can i set If _WinAPI_GetAsyncKeyState(0x12) to mouse button 5. Can anybody please tell me what should i replace the 0x12 with ?

If this is not possible, is it possiblet to set mouse button 5 (or 4) to _IsPressed ?

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Look at the example for the _IsPressed function in the AutoIt help file.  And change the "10" for shift key to either:-
 "01" for Left mouse button; or,
 "02" for Right mouse button; or,
 "04" for Middle mouse button (three-button mouse); or,
 "05" for X1 mouse button; or,
 "06" for X2 mouse button.
This should show you which mouse button you are calling "mouse button 5".


Note:-  Look at the _WinAPI_GetAsyncKeyState function in the "WinAPI.au3" file in the AutoIt include directory.

And look at the _IsPressed function in the "Misc.au3" file, also in the AutoIt include directory. 

You will find that both functions use the export function, GetAsyncKeyState, from the "user32.dll" Window's file.



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