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Not able to handle Authentication Popups in latest version of Chrome and Safari using AutoIt

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I'm not able to handle Authentication pop-ups which is displayed in Chrome and in Safari. I have written script in AutoIt to handle Authentication popup in Firefox and in IE but in Chrome and Safari.

The code I used to handle Authentication pop-up in Firefox and IE is shown below:

WinActivate("Authentication Required","")
if WinExists("Authentication Required") Then WinClose("Authentication Required")

WinActivate("Windows Security","")
if WinExists("Windows Security") Then WinClose("Windows Security")

WinActivate("","Authentication Required")
if WinExists("","Authentication Required") Then Send("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{ENTER}")


But in Safari and Chrome the case is totally different! For Safari I'm getting below details in AutoIt Window Info tool, I'm not able to handle the po-up window using [Class: #32770]

and in Chrome The popup is not identified Separately(Below)

Can someone please help me to resolve this issue

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