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Split String

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i'm a new here, a need some help to split a text for Ex.   " This is a test 10 of 1000 " (without quotes).

What i need is the numbers .. "10" & "1000". The text is not changeing only the numbers . the Script is looping. if pixel color exist then it will show a GUI whit those actual numbers. 



#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
Global $GREEN = 0x00B050
Global $RED = 0xFF0000
Global $get = "[CLASS:Notepad]" ;=====================> Title: Untitled - Notepad

While 1
    Global $color = PixelSearch(1120,455,1140,465,0x00B050) ; 0x00B050 = Green color
If IsArray($color) = True Then show()


Func show()
Global $readT = ControlGetText($get,"","Edit1")
Local $hGUI = GUICreate("Example",1200,300,250,2)


;Label 1 : First Digits "10"
        Local $sFont = "Tahoma"
        GUISetFont(70,400, $sFont)
        $lb1 = GUICtrlCreateLabel($readT,2,2,1200,100)


;Label 2 : First Digits "1000"
        Local $sFont = "Tahoma"
        GUISetFont(70, 900, $sFont)
        $lb2 = GUICtrlCreateLabel($readT,2,150,1200,100)

Sleep(5000) ;================================> The Time before the GUI gose down.!


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Hi mikell,


it was hard for me to understand where to implement in my script , but at the end i have the result .. 

Thanks for the replay. it's useful & works perfect. 

(Sorry for my bad english expression. i'm from Romania :( )

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