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Text status in the GUI

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I have a script.

Is its running, then the status shows a pop up window. (25%, 50% and 75% show a pop up windows)

It's OK.


I would like to (for example) text box shows the status in the GUI.


If scirpt not running, then text is: "Stop"

If click the start button, then text is: "Running"

If scirpt finish the runing, then text is: "Complete"


This text will visible constantly.

Thanks for helping!!!!

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Just create the Label and set the Text. I think there are to possibilities.
 First, you could change the text at every start of working function and set it back at the end of this functions.
Second, you can write in the WhileLoop, that its running, because if you are doing something the WhileeLoop is normally paused.

MfG Kanashius

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