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Find what is using a COMM Port and change it

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So I have the (dis)pleasure of working with these Panasonic Toughpads that have terrible driver support.

1 out of every 10 or so for some reason the Comm ports populate different than the rest.  I need to set the GPS module to use COMM Port 25 and while I do not see port 25 taken in the device manager by anything (so I can know what it is and change it) I just get a warning that the port is already in use and the option for force use it anyways.

Since I do not see what is consuming that port I would probably need to look into AutoIT or some other program to view what is consuming that port and hopefully re-assign it to another port without any trouble.

I am looking around at the CommAPI.au3 stuff but it seems to query only showing me the same things I can see from the device manager, not the "hidden" stuff.

#Include <CommApi.au3>
#Include <CommUtilities.au3>

MsgBox(0, "", _CommAPI_GetComPorts())

It may be a buggy "feature" of the Panasonic devices.  Like I said they are very picky/terrible with drivers.  The same model with the same image yet some of them still setup different than the rest.


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