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Hello, I am trying to recreate Larry's binary read/write functions in two functions: _BinRead() and _BinWrite(). They use hex formatted strings like Larry's, but are not comma seperated. The binary read function works fine, the only problem is with the binary write function. For some reason it will create a 0-byte file and not write data to it :o . The code looks fine to me but it doesn't work, so can someone else please take a look at it?

Func _BinWrite( $sFile, $sHex )

    Local $GENERIC_WRITE = 0x40000000, $OPEN_ALWAYS = 4, $FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL = 0x00000080
    Local $c = -1
    Local $hDLL = DllOpen("kernel32.dll")
    Local $iBytes = StringLen($sHex) / 2
    Local $hFile = DllCall($hDLL, "hwnd", "CreateFile", "str", $sFile, "long", $GENERIC_WRITE, "long", 0, "ptr", 0, "long", $OPEN_ALWAYS, "long", $FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, "long", 0)
    Local $AFW_ptr = DllStructCreate("byte[" & $iBytes & "]")

    For $i = 1 to $iBytes
        $c += 2
        DllStructSetData($AFW_ptr, 1, Dec(StringMid($sHex, $c, 2)), $i)

    Local $AFW_r = DllCall($hDLL, "int", "WriteFile", "hwnd", $hFile, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($AFW_ptr), "long", $iBytes, "long_ptr", 0, "ptr", 0)

    DllCall($hDLL, "int", "CloseHandle", "hwnd", $hFile[0])

    Return $AFW_r[4]

;Example useage:
_BinWrite("num.txt", "3132333435")
;Writes the string "12345" to num.txt

Thanks. B)

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Yes, it finds out how many hex digits to set into struct $AFW_ptr. 2 hex digits = 1 byte.

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