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PostgreSQL password help please....

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Hi, I have written a script which automates the installation of PostgreSQL. It seems to work ok but when I launch PGAdmin and try to log in my credentials are rejected. If I repeat all of the steps manually everything works fine. Has anybody seen this issue before?

Thanks in advance....


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Hi, Granny_Smith welcome to the forum. Please understand that including the following items will help us help you ;)

  • Include your code in every post (even if it is not working as you would like it to), so we can see what you're doing and try to replicate the issue. If the code is too long, include a short reproducer that demonstrates the issue.
  • Give a detailed explanation of what you were doing, what you expected to happen, and what went wrong. Include verbiage on any error messages, screenshots if it is difficult to explain, etc. "It's broke" or "it doesn't work" doesn't help anyone.
  • If you are using something other than the latest stable build of AutoIt, please include that information.
  • Please include the OS and architecture (x86 or x64) you're attempting to run the script on.

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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