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Right Click Edit Opens in Notepad, Missing all right click Commands (Win 8.1) [Solution]

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So after downloading a program run by AutoIt, and admittedly prior to installing AutoIt, I chose to edit the script and without thinking  I selected NotePad as the default program for this action. I didn't think much of it until I downloaded AutoIt v3 and SciTE script editor and realized I was missing some pretty important functions in my right click menu (Compile Script, Run Script, Edit Script, Tidy, etc..).

I racked my brain on how to solve this issue with Windows 8.1. I searched this forum up and down, tried Google and even went beyond the 1st page of its search results!! Everywhere I looked there were solutions for XP, Vista and Win7. But not a single working (for me) solution for Windows 8.1. So this is what I tried and what eventually got me working.

I went through the Control Panel and changed all file associations of .au3 to open with AutoIt3.exe.

I uninstalled all programs, I reinstalled running them as administrator.

I tried using the Registry Check/Fix in SciTE and followed it's instructions on removing the "User Control" registry and such.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling again. But all to no avail.

Eventually I was at a breaking point and thought I was going to have to reformat my computer in order to get a clean install. It was at this point that I decided to try a last ditch attempt with the thought process of, "It can't get any worse if I am going to reformat anyway." So I proceeded to uninstall all AutoIt software and SciTE. I scanned my computer for any and all .au3 files and removed them. I then went back into the Registry Editor and used the fantastic Find (Ctrl + F) feature and searched for .au3. Every single instance (and there were many) where .au3 populated I proceeded to delete. This process took a little while, but it was faster than formatting and reinstalling Windows 8.1. When Find could no longer find any instances of .au3, I rebooted the computer. Upon logging in I proceeded to install AutoItv3 as an administrator and the same for SciTE. Once everything was done installing, and before even attempting the Right Click I rebooted the computer again. 

Once Windows restarted I redownloaded the .au3 program I wanted to run/edit the first go around. With my (left hands) fingers crossed, I executed a right click on the .au3. Success! There were all of my shell commands I was so desperately searching for. A wave of relief quickly washed over me and I felt the tension in my shoulder release a little.

So I decided to come here to the forums and share my experiences in the hopes that if someone else pulls a noob move like I did, they won't beat themselves up for hours searching for the answer.

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