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Silent Uninstall of Adobe Air & Shockwave.

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;Uninstall Adobe Air
   RunWait ('msiexec.exe /x "' & @CommonFilesDir & '\Adobe Air\Versions\1.0\setup.msi" /qn')

;Uninstall Adobe Shockwave
   RunWait (@ScriptDir & "\Source\sw_uninstaller.exe /silent")

;Deletes Adobe Air Remaining files / folders
   DirRemove (@CommonFilesDir & "\Adobe Air\", 1)

Air uninstall is for all version i found on my network and works for x86 & x64

Shockwave uses the Adobe provided uninstaller and works with all version i tested on our network.

Adobe Shockwave Uninstaller

Let me know what you think! Any tips are also welcome!


Thanks to JOS for the assistance.

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Hello TheLuge,

First you need to now that before silent uninstall Adobe Shockwave you need to kill the Shockwave process:

@echo Kill IE
taskkill /im iexplore.exe /f


In my network i'm using this simple script to uninstall Adobe Shockwave  found on google source: http://www.get-itsolutions.com/silent-install-adobe-shockwave-player-12-and-disable-update/


@echo Uninstallation of Adobe Shockwave Player
start "" /wait "%~dp0sw_uninstaller.exe" /S


Best regards

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When it comes to uninstall strings or silently uninstalling software in general, look no further than here .

Or alternatively, the attached autoit script.  I forgot where in the forums I found this , but I know it is an autoIT script.

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