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Automating actions into a Citrix desktop

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Hello, Everybody,

I'm sorry if the question has been already raised but I have honestly searched and did not find any clear answer.

I have a Citrix server running Outlook.

What I would like..

From my workstation and through the Citrix session :

1° ) Send an email

2°) Check for reply to my email

3°) Measure time between sending and receiving email

Is there a way to do it with AutoIT ? In that case how should I do please ?

Thanks !


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hello CSA75, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

automation-wise, Citrix is much like to RDP,VNC and other remote control tools. so first, have a look here:

i can repeat my response at post #3 in the topic above, but you can read it yourself. basically, it is very easy to do, provided you have the ability to run your script on the server side. otherwise, no.

also, for your specific issue, if your mail server is Exchange and you manage it (or familiar with the person managing it), then see if the Exchange Server COM interface supports that kind of thing. if the Exchange server does it, you can skip sooooo many layers of interface. Other mail server products may also support scripting, but i'm not familiar with any.

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