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Renaming files by matching the subset string from other files

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I hope I am posting in the right place and thank you so much for providing any kind of help.

I am required to perform a renaming task, depending on the part of the names of the second set of files.


Original set of files
File_A.txt      match with   ID001_File_A_txt
File_B.txt      match with   ID002_File_B_txt
File_C.txt      match with   ID003_File_C_txt

Rename the original files into second set,


The IDs are sequential and I tried to figure out how they were sorted, so that I can use regex replace to put sequential IDs in front but it doesn't work as the IDs were put in randomly without any sorting algorithm. How should I come up with a logic that matches the part of the names of set 2? Any ideas would be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.



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Thank you for looking into this and considering any solutions. I kind of resolved the problem with BulkRename utility with the help of excel sorting a few of regex search & replaces. Appreciate the views. Thanks!

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