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Prevent Hybrid Shutdown

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I have an AutoIt script thatĀ checks an automated software deployment tool I use (wpkg) to determine if there are any software changes pending for the computer the script is running on. If there are, it displays details of the pending changes in a nice friendly GUI, and asks the user if they'd like to reboot the computer (software changes are applied during reboot).

I don't necessarily want to force the user to reboot, but the problem is that wpkg only applies changes on a reboot or a full boot, and Windows >8 uses hybrid boot by default (which is the reason for the script in the first place).

If the user chooses not to reboot immediately, I'd like the script to be able to tell the OS that it's next shutdown should be a full shutdown (not a hybrid shutdown). Is anyone aware if that's possible? My searching hasn't revealed any AutoIt functions or even windows API calls that support this feature.

I don't want to permanently disable hybrid boot in the OS, but if I can do that with AutoIt then that would be an acceptable solution if it comes to it - I'd then just re-enable it on the next startup.

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