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I'm going to write a little programme that lives in the system tray and, when I plug my camera in to a USB port, it detects it and copies the files off. Copying the files off and dealing with them is trivial, no problem doing that. The issue is...

How the hell do I detect the camera?

Your help would be much appreciated. :)



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there is a udf some where in the form, that detect when you plug in an usb stick, so you could use that udf and then look for a certain folder to detect if it is your camera, cameras usually have folders with specific names where the photos or videos are stored, so i would suggest you could do it that way

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I think it was this one, post 6, but seems to not work

actually it does work but you have to write the name of the removable drive in  $MyDrive = "SCSD TOOLS"
it is exactly what you need, hence the name will make it respond only when your camera is pluged in =)

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