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Sorry i'm making a new thread, but nobody seemed to click:

finaly email sending func with blat that workd !

Ok here we go:

Does this work for you guys??

I couldn't get it to work with gmail, but couldn't find anything wrong in my script either, so maybe its just gmail...

Since its almost _perfect_ :o code i felt like posting it in the SnS forum^^

Hope you guys find something!

It's here: http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/tdlrali/BlatMailer/

What you need to compile is the main script, the settings script and blat.exe!

BlatMailer is the compiled version, ELetters.ico is the icon and the 2 agd files are for the newest GUI Builder..


Felix N. (tdlrali) B)

Posted Image1

Hehe, by the way, you can store your settings, and the password is stored encripted! In the main.au3 you can change the line:


$enc_password = "BlatMailer"

to whatever you want! (I mean only the value, duh! rolleyes.gif )

That changes the the way your password is encripted, making it hard to recover the password from the ini file (its pretty safe already, but since everybody knows the password is encripted with the string "BlatMailer".... rolleyes.gif )

You get it? :graduated:

Please reply

Felix N

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I think its really a great job... but

its way too big to fill the letter box... so

i can see there are expansion sliders on the bottom and right side....so

maybe you could make it a little smaller in screen size ( also i think letters/emails are a little more intimate) ... thus smaller would be more comfortable and what i am used too ( speaking for me anyways )


if the SMTP Server is not already in the settings ini.... maybe you could pull up the settings from the users computer??? ( i really dont know ) i haven't ever gone there

just thoughts



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i use outlook 2003 for email usually.

i searched the registry for smtp and found all my email connection settings here:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\Accounts\00000001]

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