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Just trying to make my life easier

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I created a GUI , created functions to do what I wanted to do so far, now the next step is to automate the adding of text to a program I use during work . I don't have backend access to it for obvious reasons but regardless im using this to work around that. Basically I need to be able to hit a button that says add report, a gui pops up with input boxes. After inputting desired information it will automatically put these 'variables' into the script I have written to add the report. Is this achievable? Im not asking for hand me outs I just would like to know if I can input text into a few boxes and I can have the computer emulate keystrokes based on the exact information I put in the boxes.


For instance:

I input this ; "QUEPC,401,499,ALL,ALL,0 5 17 20 40 89 97 99,/,OUT,7,N,39,0 99,N,LP2,1,.,ALL"

and it navigates to the right place (easy part) and types what I told it to type.


The reason I wish to automate this is because we use a system that is way out dated, its a numerical, and arrow key driven system(think bios menu). Its severely limited when it comes to copy and pasting and so on and so fourth.


any points in the right direction are welcomed!





PS: to show I have some knowledge of the program I included a screen shot of what iv got going so far.



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Welcome to the forum but show some code on what you tried so far.


did you try the help file or FAQ section?

did you try au3inf or simplespy in iuiautomation thread in examples

sorry i do not see the screenshot attached

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