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Hi all,

After searching the help file and the forums I couldn't find an easier way to do this -- ControlCommand()'s GetLineCount function appears only to work with Edit controls and most posts related to ListBoxes discuss ones found on AutoIt GUIs.

Thanks to Valik for most of the actual work.

Success: Returns the number of items.

Failure: Returns -1 and sets @Error to 1 if the window/control couldn't be found or 2 if the DLLCall() failed.

Func ListBoxGetCount($Title, $Text, $Control)

    Local Const $LB_GETCOUNT = 0x18B

; Assert that the window and control exist
    Local $Handle = ControlGetHandle($Title, $Text, $Control)
    If @Error Then
        Return -1

    Local $Ret = DLLCall('User32.dll', 'Int', 'SendMessage', 'HWnd', $Handle, 'Int', $LB_GETCOUNT)
    If @Error Then
        Return -1

    Return $Ret[0]

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