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Great Looking Program : Where do i start

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First of all, I would kill to be able to talk to someone in #autoit IRC channel about this stuff.

What REAL beginners like me need is a more diverse set of USEFUL practice scripts, dummed down even further than the existing ones. That would be the best way to get new programmers to adopt and fall in love with auto-it as a basis for other languages. And not just scripts, but you MUST include an explanation of each component.

Heres an example (even this is too ambitious to start with, but you'll get the idea):


Say we want to find our ip address out and use it for something.

The commands we'll use are:

1. RunDOS - This will allow us to find the current IP with the dos-based "ipconfig" command

2. Whatever - This is the command that will pick out a line and save it to a new text file

3. Whatever2 - This will copy it from our text file to the clipboard

4. Whatever3 - This will paste it into the line in the window we will choose later

The first part will look like this:

1. Func _RunDOSo($sCommand)

2. Local $sTempFile


4. $sTempFile = _TempFile()

5. SetError(_RunDOS($sCommand & ' >' & _Quote($sTempFile)))

6. Return $sTempFile

7. EndFunc ;==>_RunDOSo

1. In the first line, Func tells us we're starting to create a custom function

_RunDOS is the first command in the function. This silently executes a dos command.

The "o" signifies (what?)

The "$" signifies that we're defining a variable

The "s" signifies (what?)

"Command" is the part you can replace with something like "ipconfig"

And remember, we put it in () because (why?)

2. You get the idea....


Help us translate logical ideas into lines of code and lay out. Little parts we can put together. The manual is great as a reference guide with the focus on answering questions about the syntax and components. But the example scripts really just frustrate and taunt me, because they all include a bunch of little extra bits of complex syntax mixed in with the part that it's trying to explain. I was hoping to get a bunch of simple ultra-basic tutorials for several USEFUL operations. Please no more 2*2 scripts. PLEASE EXPLAIN EACH PART OF THE COMMAND.

Remember, keep it BASIC as possible. Don't even talk about the cool little extra features. It's overwhelming in the beginning.

Tell me what you think. Or , just write up some great little tutorials and post them.

Maybe we can compile the a really useful intro to programming book.

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