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Selecting a particular text string

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I'm new to AutoIt but I'm already amazed as to what it can do. My question is this:

I'm trying to write a script that makes the mouse click on certain text when it appears, like a particular hyperlink on a website. What I'm wondering is if there is a way I can make the script autodetect the location with coordinates like

gettextcoord ("text")

mouseclick("right", X, Y,")

What I need to know is if there's a command for finding a certain text string and how I might go about doing this. Sorry if this post is a bit odd sounding, I'm pretty tired right now but I wanted to post this before going to sleep.

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just compare several points of your text via Pixelgetcolor or the hole string via pixelchecksum.


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Ok, I got the color one to work alright, but I'm still looking for the text.

Confuzzled, I'm really just trying to learn how to use AutoIt right now so I'd have to say some pixel text on another screen, I plan on someday, if I get good, to use this for making game scripts. I was just using the hyperlink as an example, perhaps that was a bad idea.

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Maybe you want to search around for the _IE functions.

Alternatively, (if I understand you right) you may want to search for terms such as OCR and WOW - there is a lot of games bot activity in these forums.

Good luck!

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