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how to use Devil image library in AutoIt?

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Hi folks,

Anyone here find a solution how to use Devil image library with AutoIt? I tried this, but it seems it does nothing B)

$dll_il = DllOpen("D:\temp\_install\SDK\lib\devil.dll")
$result = DllCall($dll_il,1,"ilInit")
$result = DllCall($dll_il,0,"ilGenImages",1,$result)
$result = DllCall($dll_il,"ilBindImage",$result)
;load image
$result = DllCall($dll_il,"ilLoadImage", "D:\temp\_install\SDK\images\DevIL.bmp")
;get width
$Width = DllCall($dll_il,"ilGetInteger", "IL_IMAGE_WIDTH")
$RetVal=MsgBox(54, "width", $Width)
$result = DllCall($dll_il,"ilEnable","IL_FILE_OVERWRITE")
;save as new file
$result = DllCall($dll_il,"ilSaveImage", "D:\temp\_install\SDK\images\DevIL1.bmp")
$dll_il_close=DllClose ($dll_il)
$RetVal=MsgBox(54, "close", $dll_il_close)

The correct steps how to load and use images via Devil can be found here...


I'm sure, the problem is in creating ImageName, but I cannot find how to use it properly :o Any ideas..?

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man put this in the support forum, there a BIG text with "this is NOT the generals support forum"

learn to read the rulez

*If u thought life couldn't get worse, u meet me *<guy> What would you give my little sister to unzip ?<friend> 10 bucks<guy> No, i mean like Winzip...

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Oh..I'm really sorry for that! Now I feel like a complete jackass B) I tried to put it to the proper forum and I made a stupid mistake.

Please, an admin, delete this post. Thanks!

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