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Yaron P

AutoIt with internet and web sites

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Yaron P


I am trying to automate some actions on my web site.

Lets take Google for example, I want to load www.google.com site, write a text in the text box used for search and press the search button. I am trying to automate this actions but I couldn't find a way to refer to the text box in the web page.

I tried to use 'AutoIT window info" to get information about the control but it only shows 'Internet Explorer_Server1' as the ClassnameNN for it. I tried to use that but it didn't work.

Does AutoIt can be used with web page? How this can be done easly?

Thanks very much,


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I don't really know how you would write something to the input box, but take a look at this, i think its more reliable:

If you search something with google (lets say autoit), you get an URL like this:


Now just replace the ...q=autoit... part with the string you wanna search for, lets say you wanna search for "hummer h2", do this:




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