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Spider Solitare RegKeys...

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With the path:


you can change one of the following values:

Posted Image

As you cant see that (lol) i will show you how to get onto it:



Goto HKEY_USERS -> Click through them until you get to one with keyboard settings, printers ect -> SoftWare -> Microsoft -> Spider

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The picture is not really helpful B)

Please tell us what you wanna do with them, like this its like saying: Look here, this is where my files are: "C:\"........ not really helpful^^

BTW why is this in the scripts and scrap forum, support (with a description of what you want the script to do) or the spam.... i mean chat forum would be better for this.

But thanks for pointing this out, here his my contribution, this where autoit stores its regvalues: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AutoIt v3

Don't take it personally, just picking on you^^

Felix N.

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