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ControlSend + InactiveWindow + VBScript = Fail

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I have probably the simplest VBScript on the planet created, yet it's not working and I am not sure why.  I have a need to send a simple key combination to an inactive window but it only works if the window is ACTIVE.  If I change the title to something else, it no longer works, so I know it's not a problem with matching the title of the window.  It seems to be something else.  Here is world's simplest script:

Set oAutoIt = CreateObject("AutoItX3.Control") 
oAutoIt.AutoItSetOption WinTitleMatchMode, 2
oAutoIt.ControlSend "Notepad", "", "", "123"

If I make Notepad Active and run it,  it works.  If I minimize notepad,  it no longer works.  What gives?

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