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I'm wanting to add a feature to my program inwhich when an error happens it will write it to a log file of when the error happened and what information was contained withen the error ( like what it said )

and what was the date and time it occurred on..

But I'm trying to make it report more then one error info in a .txt file..

or do you think it would be easier to make the file save with the date/time and only single errors logged per file?

Anyways, its for rebooting a server whenever my friend is away, if an error occurs it will close the error box then close any processes inwhich runs the server then reboot the server by relaunching the program which launches the server and all its files..

I have the interface layed out, I also have some what of a wya on figuring the error in existance, aswell as seeing if it the process exists still when error is shown on the error..

I cannot figure the process in writing the date/time format and information contained withen the error to a file..

Could someone please help? thanks B) I only have a hour or two work in it right now.

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Welcome to the forums!

ControlGetText() can be used to read the text shown on a window. There are an assortment of time and date functions that can be used, but you might be looking for the _FileWriteLog() function which will automatically handle the date and time for you.

More information on these functions can be found in the help file. Good luck!

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