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Windows 10 not playing nice with dual video cards :(

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In win7 it was easy and worked without even thinking about it. But now in win10, since they are different cards by the same manufacturer (both NVidia cards, 1 is 460 the other a 970) it wants to load the same drivers for both, breaking the 460.

The reason I need both is for Daz3D's new Iray rendering which uses NVidia's Cuda cores for the processing as well as the GPU's RAM for holding the scene information and it will use every NVidia card you have in your system so they don't have to all be the same.

Well, since win10 is breaking my 460, it's disabling it, making it unusable by Daz :(

I've tried to manually set the driver by going to device manager, selecting the 460, update driver, let me choose the driver. But either while it's installing, or as soon as it finishes, it loads the 970 drivers and disables it again :(    ARRRRGGGGGG



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We're gonna need another Timmy!

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