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I finally got round to porting the MemberOf function in Larry's old Au3Xtra.dll to the new AU3 plugin format. In the process, I have renamed it to InGroup, swapped the params around and made the username param optional.

Usage is as follows:



InGroup("groupname", "username")

Returns 1 if user is in group, otherwise 0

If username is omitted then the current username is used.

InGroup searches local groups first, then domain groups. You can prefix a group name with domain name, i.e DOMAIN\Group, to skip the local search.

P.S You need the latest beta.



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I get ERROR: InGroup(): undefined function

I am using

This is how you should be calling it:

$handle = PluginOpen(@ScriptDir & "\InGroup.dll")
; user administrator in local group Administrators?
ConsoleWrite(InGroup("Administrators", "administrator") & @LF)
; user SumTingWong in domain group Domain Users?
ConsoleWrite(InGroup("Domain Users", "SumTingWong") & @LF)

If you are using Scite, just skip the syntax check error.

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