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Need my script reviewed

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Other than what I have commented out, can someone take a look at this and tell me why I have difficulties with certain software that will be running 'behind the scenes'...???



Crap... sorry guys... didn't realize I posted this to the scripts and scraps forum... My bad...

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line 31 should be:

winsetstate($title, "", @SW_ENABLE)

thats it i think

I'll modify and give that a shot right now... Thanks man... You can see it's pretty lengthy, and I'm the only person working on this at my company... so I really have to depend on others to scrutinize the crap out of my code...

Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!

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is it working?

what do you do with your script anyway?

I have it compiled... I have to wait for my test machine to become available...

What it does?? Basically, it's an autoinstaller for an application that my company created. We're a paperless office provider, ie. document imaging.

Specifically, what my script does is install SQL Server 2000a, Install our server software and client software (dependent on the dbinstall.ini that I created), install DAO drivers, setup SQL Databases, and imports a backup database into SQL. After that, do some minor registry editing, create a backup of the newly instated database, restarts the systems, creates the SQL user info, and um... starts up the new services that our software creates.

You obviously can't do anything with it unless you have all of the included files and such.

Other than that, it's fairly simple. Does that answer your question? B)

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