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Calculate 4 character password efficiently

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What would be the most efficient way for testing all combinations of a password that is:

-4 characters long

-Can only be the characters 1-4 (1,2,3,4. 0, 5-9 are not used.)

I figured there would be 256 combinations, but thats about as far as I got. B)

I'm pretty much a beginner at this, and don't know much about arrays, but I figure that it would involve something like that.

Please help

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it's 4^4 combinations

if you want to do it with autoit than this is your code

for $a = 1 to 4 step 1
for $b = 1 to 4 step 1
for $c = 1 to 4 step 1
for $d = 1 to 4 step 1
send ($a&$b&$c&$d & {enter});if you want to send it
msgbox(0, "Code", $a&$b&$c&$d);for displaying in msgbox

tries all combinations

good luck with whatever you're doing

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