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Script to Run a Software and use its menu option

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Hi , 

Could any one of you kindly help me out in the below given . I am new to scripting /coding and I have gone through the Samples on-line  and created one on my own, that I have attached along with this post. so please guide me. Thank you




Script to be written for  


1.       Select “Ctrl+Alt+E” or “F2” to run a software


2.       Then “alt” key to select menu section


3.       Keyboard right arrow key 1 time


4.       Keyboard “down” arrow Key 4 times


5.       Enter 2 times

6. finally "close" the window. 



Notes: on the software.


The .exe file is “EPMControl.exe “


Target: "C:\Program Files\EPM Suite\EPMControl.exe"


Tried a short cut key: F2 (since multiple keys did not work)







Backup Script complete 1.au3

Edited by Gerald Fernando
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