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delete folders without knowing the name?

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i am writing a script for my job that goes thru a whole bunch of user's mail folders and deletes all the files, if they have a forward.ima file in it... and not deleting if they don't..... the file deleting i have, but the problem i have is that some of the folders have folders in them, and the delete command doesn't touch the folders.... the delete directory command doesn't seem to support wildcards and i wouldn't know the name of the folder when its automating.. does anyone know how to maybe delete a dir without knowing its name? here is the code i have so far, that does everything i need except del folders when they are there.

GLOBAL $log = "C:\emailclean\log.txt"

GLOBAL $names = "C:\emailclean\names.txt"

GLOBAL $pathtonames ="c:\emailclean\"

GLOBAL $namesinfile = 5

FileOpen("c:\emailclean\log.txt", 2)

FileOpen("c:\emailclean\names.txt", 0)

for $i = 1 to $namesinfile

$path = Filereadline($names, $i)

;Filewriteline($log, $path)

if fileexists($pathtonames & $path & "\forward.ima") Then

filecopy($pathtonames & $path & "\forward.ima", "c:\emailclean\")

filedelete($pathtonames & $path & "\*.*")

DirRemove($pathtonames & $path & "\*" , 1) DEL COMMAND WOULD GO HERE

Filewriteline($log, "files deleted for " & $path)

filecopy("c:\emailclean\forward.ima", $pathtonames & $path & "\forward.ima")

Filewriteline($log, "forward.ima copied back for " & $path)


Filewriteline($log, "forward.ima does NOT EXIST for " & $path)



simple but effective.... thanks for any help anyone can provide

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If you search the Scraps and Scripts forum for "recursive folder search" you will find loads of examples that you can change to suit your needs.

Get Beta versions Here Get latest SciTE editor Here AutoIt 1-2-3 by Valuater - A great starting point.

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check out my *XPClean Menu* in


Scripts and Scrapts for full au3 and explination


my *XPClean Menu* Website below for full explination and exe


check out my hobby site below for the most current au3

at the middle lower portion i have a function just for that

also you could just use the program and CCleaner (included) you can set customized folders to clean-out

good luck



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