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Getting data with the mouse moves?

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Hello Chimp, 


i had searched a lot before this thread, but now i realised i missed something at that time. I think as you recommend i can get value of everything by IETagNameGetCollection.


Really am i able to get all values or it has exceptions?


Thank you Chimp, ...

Hi derKrieger

Usually to get values (also called properties) of the elements of the web page, you have to:
1) get reference to that specific object by a variable that "points" to it
2) "extract" the wanted properties from that object

about point 1) there are various ways, for example you can use the _IEGetObjById() to get reference to an object of which you know the ID (to know the ID of an object you have to read it in the html source of the page). If the object has no ID then you can try with the _IEGetObjByName() (again to know the name of the object you have to read it in the html source of the page)
Another way is to get a "collection" of all the objects of a particular type. For example if you want get a reference to an "input", you could use the _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "input") function to get a list of all the "input" objects on the page  or just one of them by using the optional index parameter of this function.
I suggest to read the help related to all the _IE* functions and try all the examples provided in the help. You will find also other ways to manage the objects on the web pages.

about point 2) , once you have the reference to the wanted object obtained on point 1), you can get his properties with a syntax like this: $object.href
with the above statement for example, if the $object variable points to a link object (an <a> html tag) on the web page, will return the value of the href attribute of that link (the url). Have a look to references like this for example to get a list of possibles attribute of the <a> tag and also of the other various html objects.

I warmly suggest again to read the infos about all the _IE* functions and try the related examples in the help of AutoIt, You will find there far more infos of the few that I can try to provide here.

small minds discuss people average minds discuss events great minds discuss ideas.... and use AutoIt....

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