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Wondering if autoit can SubClass or Subtype

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hi again i was wondering if subclassing a hWnd or control on a hWnd is possible from autoit?

or maybe even SuperClassing? anyone has any advice or help or examples it would be a greate help.. :o

ive been doing some reading and have a nice list of API's that have been semi tested and i would like to start putting them to use with a game ive been playing B) this game has some of the craziest protectection ive ever seen...(some of which i describe in nufflienes thread andsome one elses DDMA... Bah... but ive already managed to getHandles and Bot to a certain extent but if i could SubClass or better yet superclass the windows and find the swing msg and hit msg i plan to Spam them to each coord on the screen and pwn the game that way :D

made a mad attempt at it but i still cant get the basics to work properly :)

any help would be uterrly appreciated :graduated:

Func GetClassInfo( $hInstance, $lpClassName, $lpWndClass)
    $ret = DllCall("User32.dll", "int", "GetClassInfo", "int",$hInstance, "str",$lpClassName, "ptr",$lpWndClass)
If @error Then
        Return 0
Return $ret
;typedef struct {
;   UINT style;
 ;  WNDPROC lpfnWndProc;
  ; int cbClsExtra;
  ; int cbWndExtra;
  ; HINSTANCE hInstance;
  ; HICON hIcon;
  ; HCURSOR hCursor;
  ; HBRUSH hbrBackground;
  ; LPCTSTR lpszMenuName;
  ; LPCTSTR lpszClassName;
 $WNDCLASS = "uint;int;int;int;ptr;ptr;ptr;char[128];char[128];"
$sWNDCLASS = DllStructCreate($WNDCLASS)
$pWNDCLASS = DllStructGetPtr( $sWNDCLASS )
$Handle = WinGetHandle("Google")
GetClassInfo($Handle, "IEFrame", $pWNDCLASS)
MsgBox(0, "", $sWNDCLASS)
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