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syslog from a firewall....

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am i stupid or why isnt that working...

i have a firewall and its configurated to send syslog messages to my computer ( - but i do not get any msg... i configurad, that i should get messages for any action on the router - on the consolescreen of the router itself - it does spamm the messages, but not on my pc...

i just modified the script in the helpfile (beta ....84)

;;This is the UDP Server

;;Start this first

; Start The UDP Services



; Bind to a SOCKET


$socket = UDPBind("", 514)

If @error <> 0 Then Exit

While 1

$data = UDPRecv($socket, 100)

If $data <> "" Then

MsgBox(0, "UDP DATA", $data, 1)




Func OnAutoItExit()




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I have tested your code and it works fine for me. 2 things that you might want to keep in mind.

1. The IP address in UDP bind must be your computers address and not your router.

2. If you are running a local firewall on your computer, allow port 514.

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I did this script http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20525 to look for error messgaes that appear on one screen and send them to another PC, if you use it along with radmin you can also make it launch a remote control session. you can look for specific error screens or you can be quite generic and get all thet start with Error, Err,Er or what ever you want

Edit* wish I could type

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