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Anyone noticed that process close doesn't always work very well?

Iv'e used it to close a remote control program but it doesn't seem very reliable, I have called PSKILL instead which works every time, is this a floor in the way AutoIT closes processes, could or should it have the ability to kill a process like PS tools?

Any thoughts

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I have not once needed to resort to a loop to close a proess. If I did, a For loop would always be chosen 1st. Most processes will close but some very few may refuse. I would assume that the process in the 1st post ignores a shutdown message for the sake of security? I do not like the idea of killimg processes dead in their tracks unless they are malicous to start with. ProcessClose() seems to do ok by my vote. B)

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Well, if it is sometimes fails with this process then try this loop. Change the ?.exe to your process.

For $i = 1 To 5
    If ProcessExists('?.exe') Then
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