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I'm trying to find a custom drawn button using an image of it saved to a file that can be loaded when autoit script starts and searched for on the screen. I started off thinking I was going to brute force search for it using PixelChecksum but I don't see a method for getting that same checksum from image data loaded from a file. Speed is not critical since it does not need to be found often. I've browsed autoit help file hunting for something that might work. It looks as if _GDIPlus might get me there by comparing image bitmaps either by using a function or byte for byte but I don't see how access the actual bytes of the bitmap. Perhaps you know a better way to do this.

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I think you can use Imagesearch UDF for searching a picture loaded here is the link : https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/176024-image-search/#comment-1267959 

feel free to ask for any help

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