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FileCreateShortcut() not working when target not available

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using beta 84

I've created a script that is simply this:

FileCreateShortcut('"H:\930\Customer Support Scripts\Batch\std_install_1.bat"',@StartupCommonDir & "\baseload.lnk")

On my own box (that has the mapping to h:), the shortcut gets created properly.

> "H:\930\Customer Support Scripts\Batch\std_install_1.bat"

When I run the script on a PC that does not yet have the mapping I get the following back:

> "H:\930\Customer\Batch\std_install_1.bat"

(Note that " Support Scripts" is missing)

The drive mapping will be there when the PC reboots but the shortcut will fail cuz it dropped out the correct path info. Why is AutoIT doing this? Argh!


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