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Expert bot scripter around?

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im trying to make a hunter bot for Goonzu Online!

but i have NO CLUE on how to scan for mob around, i dont know auto-it possibility for now and what bot-scripter do for mob-detection i just moved from ACtool (who is too limited for me, and pathetic community)

Ill explain my situation and the game mechanic and i hope to get some light on how to structure this bot.

(sorry for bad english)

allright, for mob-detection 3 thing come up in my mind;

1. pixel detection (but simple pixel is not enough accurate)

2. image on image (like taking a screenshot of the mob in an 10x10 area and scanning around if image fit somewhere, but i dont know if au is able to do that and again its not enough accurate because mobs move alot

and they all have sprite animation, and i dont want to kill my cpu)

heres a little screen with the area im planning to scan for mob around me

picture 1

3. when i move cursor over a mob the cursor change (this method look like the best to me because theres no chance for confuse with another player)

picture 2

BUT, pixelsearch get only pixel color under the cursor and cannot get a red pixel like x+5, y-5 from current mousepos, and the MouseGetCursor command is not able to detect my in-game cursor...

please please i need some advice from expert bot scripter B)

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email me


i don't play GoonZu, but i play WoW and Rose..... and i'm quite good with botting, i have a few ideas that could help you.

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