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[UDF] Simple & flexible multi-clients TCP server


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Here I am again, with a brand new UDF! (not so new through...)

Taking (great) advantage of the new maps feature, I made a simple, flexible multi-clients TCP server UDF.


  • You can create multiples servers in one script
  • Peers limit is optional (the real peers limit is your RAM and the maps performances)
  • You can configure max data receive len (2nd argument of TCPRecv) on a per-client basis
  • You can set an optional idle time-out (time without receiving any data before peer gets disconnected)
  • Each peer has an empty Map that can contain user defined data
  • You can set a function that will be called for each connected peer at pre-defined interval (onPeerCycle callback)
  • The UDF is callback driven (onConnect, onDisconnect, onReceive, onError, onPeerCycle)
  • You can set a disconnect message when kicking a peer. This message will be passed to the onDisconnect callback
  • onReceive callback must return the number of bytes that have been consumed. Say you receive 100 bytes of data but you used (consumed) only 70 bytes, by returning 70 from the callback the remaining 30 bytes will be buffered and passed again on the next call to onReceive

Known bugs:

  • TCPRecv bug! the function doesn't detect peer disconnection (hope this will be fixed soon)




Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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