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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, everyone. I have python code for kill window, but sometimes it does not working . My code is : import subprocess import time import ctypes au3_dll = ctypes.windll.LoadLibrary(r'D:\AutoIt\AutoItX3.dll') def close_ie(title): subprocess.Popen(f"C:/Program Files (x86)/Internet Explorer/iexplore.exe https://cn.bing.com/?mkt=zh-CN") time.sleep(2) au3_dll.AU3_Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) ret = au3_dll.AU3_WinKill(title, "") print(ret) if __name__ == '__main__': title = '必应 - Internet Expl
  2. I'm using Python to call AutoIt functions, but some functions don't work. Is there a reason for this? If so, can I fix it? from win32com.client import Dispatch Auto = Dispatch("AutoItX3.Control") def autoTest(): print Auto.MsgBox('') When I run it I get this error: line 516, in __getattr__ raise AttributeError("%s.%s" % (self._username_, attr)) AttributeError: AutoItX3.Control.MsgBox It seems like it's reading 'MsgBox' as an attribute and not a function. Any thoughts?
  3. Hello m trying to learn python m interested in knowing if there is koda like gui designer for python please also help me what all additional modules i require like ones which are famous i have already done with 1.Scrapy 2.Openpyxl 3.twister 4.selenium 5.Requests 6.pdfrw
  4. I've been working for quite a while on an automated installer for python3.8.3 and Thonny3.2.7 and encountered a pretty strange problem - automated python install work perfectly. However using pip to install esptool returns error code 1. The strange thing is if i manually install it after running the python installer it does indeed install correctly (returns 0 instead). The code i was using: Local Const $sInstallerPath = @ScriptDir & "\python-3.8.3.exe" Local $PythonResult = RunWait($sInstallerPath & " /quiet") Local $ESPToolResult = RunWait(@ComSpec
  5. Hi Guys, I am trying to convert a python script to AutoIT, but it is not returning any data. My aim is to eventually have a script which sends me an email whenever a goal is scored in the English Premiership. Is there any guru who can have a quick look over the below script and see if there are any obvious errors? To use a football analogy, I think that I have hit the bar a couple of times, but not yet found the back of the net! #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- PYTHON CODE: import requests import json endpoint = "
  6. I only found that AutoIt can actually execute the entire python script or execute the .exe (converted to .exe from .py) But what if I just want call the particular function? If that possible to do so? This is because python can't create fancy GUI like AutoIT does. So my plan is use AutoIT to have fancy GUI. Then each buttons will trigger specific function in the python script or .exe file. For instances: btnSum - trigger function in python script or .exe file (funcSum) btnMinus - trigger function in python script or .exe file (funcMinus) Thanks for advance informa
  7. Hello mates. I would like to share simple but very important function required durning code many *au3 files. Such as function is used by a few scripts developers on forum but most of users waste a lot of time to make his functions/tool free from errors and bugs. How is working? This function do not check errors like Scite debugger. You can be able to make something like call exceptions in Python. Think about this and think when you ran some code, no error but also do nothing. 0 information and you have to jump into own or other script to find out reason. Function:
  8. KemyKo


    I recently discovered these: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyAutoIt https://github.com/jacexh/pyautoit I guess any python developer knows what these are. The problem is that I`m on a 64bit version of Windows and i can`t use neither pip install -U pyautoit nor python setup.py install to install the package Is there anyone who has the same problem like me? Suggest your suggestions *(nice joke right there )* Problem solved -> Apparently when i run the setup.py file from github it worked.
  9. I want to run a python script from autoit. I know we can do this with shellexecute or run , but this python script takes 3 cmd line arguments. How to pass them from autoit script? I tried many ways. Following solution also not working e.g. RunWait( 'fullpath\Python.exe Scriptpath\ReadLog.py  -f "file.log" -k "key" -e "errMsg" ') Found solution: RunWait( 'fullpath\Python.exe ReadLog.py -f "file.log" -k "key" -e "errMsg" ', 'Working_directory_path') PFB des
  10. Hi all, I want to return string from autoit script to the python code. Autoit: Exit("22 FE 45") -> not working Exit(1) -> Working Exit(0) -> Working python: import os res=os.system(autoitmine.exe) print "res",res I got some hint of @ExitCode macro, but dont know how to use it to get the string in python variable 'res'. Please resolve this issue for me if anyone knows about this.
  11. Got this idea a long time ago to create a really neat project using a raspberry pi, camera, some custom python code, and a monitor I pulled from an old laptop. The idea is to create an interactive and informational display using the monitor and it will hang on my wall. Custom code will display the time, date, weather forecast, and current events. Has a temperature/humidity for the room (also shown on the display) and a motion censor. Censor will be enabled when I enter the pin for when I leave my room, and turned off when I come back and re-enter the pin. Once the censor is enabled (my securit
  12. _ArraySlice() its similar to list[n:n] in Python. I was converting a python script to autoit and was bored afterwords so I decided to create this UDF. #AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Check_Parameters=-q -d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w- 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w- 7 ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name...........: _ArraySlice ; Description ...: Returns the specified elements as a zero based array. ; Syntax.........: _ArraySlice(Const ByRef $avArray[, $iStart = 0[, $iEnd = 0[, $iStep = 1]]]) ; Parameters ....: $avArray - Array to
  13. Hello everyone, Finally I decide to ask hard question about one of the project which I currently maintain: Big World Setup aka mod installer for infinity engine games like BG, IWD, PST etc Project page: https://bitbucket.org/BigWorldSetup/bigworldsetup/overview More screenshot: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/44476/tool-big-world-setup-bws-mod-manager-for-baldurs-gate-enhanced-edition-trilogy-for-windows/p1 General Features downloading mods (please see remarks!) easy mod installation correct install order of mods/components handle mod and
  14. Hi to all. My question is if is it possible read with Autoit a output value of python script and load it for example in a array. My first idea is execute a python script and load the result in a file and then read whith Autoit whith FileReadToArray. I don't know if this way is the best. Thank's to all
  15. Dear All, I am having some trouble in automating a window. Everything is fine is I may use the couple WinActivate/WinWaitActive but it is not working if the window is minimized. I need to click a button and I tried the following: I declared in an object a reference like this: self.autoit=win32com.client.Dispatch('AutoItX3.Control') self.autoit.AutoItSetOption('WinTitleMatchMode',2) self.autoit.AutoItSetOption("WinDetectHiddenText", 1) And a t a certain point I press the Exit button self.autoit.ControlClick('Dome','','[
  16. JohnOne

    Python total noob

    I fancy having a go at python. Looking for advice for what environment I need, good web resources etc... Ultimate goal is to create a kodi video addon.
  17. Hi, I run the file: #include <Constants.au3> RunWait('python f:\walk2.py > c:\zz.txt') But nothing happens, no content inside zz.txt. It works OK from the XP command line. Wondered what I'm doing wrong(?) I eventually want to send a .py script values/parameters and get output/"return". Thank You.
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