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  1. Hello Team, Greetings! Is there any way to run any 3rd party application silently in background without the GUI getting in the front ? I was implementing angry-ip scanner with autoit & wanted the angry-ip application to run in background quietly as I am copying its output to other file on completion. is there any way to achieve my query? Below is code I tried: $range = "" ShellExecuteWait("C:\Windows\DDM\ipscan.exe","-f:range "&$iprange&" -q -o C:\temp\ScanResults.csv","","open&quo
  2. Hi there! 😃 I've 2 simple scripts: Script 1 starts script 2 Script 1 gets executed with normal user rights (un-elevated) Script 2 contains an #RequireAdmin and therefor can only start elevated I want to read the output of script 2 with script 1 AND have the UAC of script 2 being activated as fullscreen Script 1 (Scripts location is the same as script 2 that I'm running with Run() Local $iPID, $sOutput $iPID = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & "C:\Entwicklung\Autoit\Test\Temp.exe", @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, 0x2) ProcessWaitClose($iPID) $sOu
  3. I need to save the execution result as a text file. Is there any solution? ShellExecute ( "filename" [, "parameters" [, "workingdir" [, "verb" [, showflag]]]] ) if parameters have " > " can't Execute correctly, Example 1: ShellExecute("diskspd.exe", "-b128K -c64M f:\estfile.dat > test123.txt", "", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE) ;Error ShellExecute("diskspd.exe", "-b128K -c64M f:\estfile.dat", "", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE) ;OK Example 2: ShellExecute("help", "dir > helpdir.txt", "", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE) ;Error ShellExecute("help", "dir", "", "", @SW_MAXI
  4. Hello and Good Day to All! I am trying to install .NET 3.5 on Windows 10 x64bit via autoit (via ShellExecuteWait + PowerShell). If I run this line, it will runs without issues: ShellExecuteWait('PowerShell.exe', '-executionpolicy Bypass -File "' & @ScriptDir & '\OJP83BU523.ps1' & '"') "OJP83BU523.ps1" contains: DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFX3 /All /Source:D:\Sources\sxs /LimitAccess However, since I won't know in advance the drive letter of the "sources" folder, I created a script to generate a PowerS
  5. I created an application to catch keyboard programmed keys. Some of the keys open URL's via ShellExecute and then they open in the default browser. The problem I am having is that when the browser is opened in this manner 3rd party applications such as Logitech Setpoint for Logitech mouse and keyboards and programs like auto password form filling stop working with the browser. In the mouse specific situation the Cruise Up and Cruise Down buttons, normally back and forward, do not work. If I open the browser manually via the browsers icon and then press the keyboard buttons to open the web
  6. Is this possible with autoit? What I want to do: Create a Desctop windows shortcut to run an executable application created with autoit, which shortcut would have some parameters which will send as a variable to the aplicagion . For example: Create an app : ExampleAppCreatedByAutoit.exe Run this with a shortcut which has: "C:/ExampleAppCreatedByAutoit.exe" -option1 What I want to do is the ExampleAppCreatedByAutoit.exe take the option1 and do something like this: Shellexecute("c:\myfolder\option1.exe") Can I do that? Thanks,
  7. Hello, for a script to display PDF files I'd like to simply use the default program for PDF files, so I used "ShellExecute(<pdf-file-full-path>)" to open these files. The result for *SOME* of the workstations is, that the Adobe Reader starts up with asking for its language. (English/German). When starting AcroRd32.exe through "ShellExecute()", this "choose your language" dialog is showing up *ALWAYS*. Just to have mentioned it: Process Explorer is presenting this command line, it looks the same for both, PCs with and without that question "Choose Language? [E
  8. Hi~ I have some question about how to enable the test mode via "Run" or "shellexecute" of command, was to tried : ----- Run("bcdedit.exe /-set testsinging on", "C:\Windows\System32") and shellexecute("bcdedit.exe /-set testsinging on", "C:\Windows\System32") ----- since this command must to run through administrator competence, have any method can accomplish it?
  9. Hello all, I've been trying to figure out how to launch Google Chrome in the background (hidden) but it doesn't seem possible. I've tried the following methods: ShellExecute("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe", "", "", "", @SW_HIDE) Also I've tried: ShellExecute(@ComSpec, "/c start chrome.exe","","",@SW_HIDE) Lastly I tried: RunWait('"'&@ProgramFilesDir&'\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --silent-launch',@ScriptDir) But all o
  10. How to get the result of the command? My code : Local $iRc = ShellExecute ( "G:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe" , "-version" , "G:\ffmpeg\bin\") ProcessWaitClose($iRc) $Message = StdoutRead($iRc)
  11. I want to run a python script from autoit. I know we can do this with shellexecute or run , but this python script takes 3 cmd line arguments. How to pass them from autoit script? I tried many ways. Following solution also not working e.g. RunWait( 'fullpath\Python.exe Scriptpath\ReadLog.py  -f "file.log" -k "key" -e "errMsg" ') Found solution: RunWait( 'fullpath\Python.exe ReadLog.py -f "file.log" -k "key" -e "errMsg" ', 'Working_directory_path') PFB des
  12. Hey Community, cause im too new in the Auto it world i will try it with the your help. hopefully. I woud like to know how i can handle my Problem. ---- I have a Excel Data with 362 random numbers. For Example: 1166642335374 1172899897343 ..... this numbers are a part of the filepath ...example D:\Projekte\1166_64233_5374 as u can see its the first number of the Excel data. After the first 4 numbers it shoud make a "_" than another 5 "_" This is my first question.
  13. Hello, What command would I use to open the following folder directories for: Computer/This PC (windows 7/Windows 10) Libraries\documents Libraries\Pictures I know:  Run("Explorer.exe " & $filepath) ShellExecute($filepath) can be used to open folder locations when you type in the full directory such as "C:\Users\%username%\Documents" but I'm trying to figure out how to use these windows short paths. Thanks,
  14. Hi. Local $sPDFtk = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\pdftk.exe") Local $sInputPDF = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\Prodis_Test.pdf") Local $sSig_1 = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\Sig_1.pdf") Local $sTempPDF = FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir & "\Prodis_Test_TEMP.pdf") $iSuccess = ShellExecuteWait($sPDFtk, $sInputPDF & " stamp " & $sSig_1 & " output " & $sTempPDF, "", "", @SW_HIDE) @ScriptDir is "H:\_Conrad lokal\Downloads\AutoIt3\_COX". As you can see there is a space in t
  15. I have 3 processes that I am trying to work with: The ControlCenter (Cannot Edit) and handles the other 2 processes. The ControlCenter will launch and close processes as requested by the user. The Launcher (Can Edit) and launches an installer. The Script (Can Edit) and automates the above installer. My issue is, ControlCenter will terminate the Launcher and all of it's child processes. I need the script to continue running after the Launcher has been closed by the ControlCenter. How do I get the Launcher to launch the script in it's own parent process so it does not
  16. Hi friends, Suppose MyProgram is a tabbed program, meaning that it allows for opening multiple files in the same instance. I want to open File1, File2 and File3 in one instance of MyProgram from an AutoIT script. How can I do this? I have read the AutoIT Help File about "ShellExecute" and "Run", but I have found nothing helpful. Thanks for reading my question. Any answer would be very appreciated.
  17. Okay, so I have a TCP connection set up over some computers, no problem. I recieve the messages without problem, and when I get a specific message over the server, it runs some program. No problem at first. But then, after the whole script has ran for a while, it won't open any program, not even a web page like ShellExecute("www.google.com"). It just returns @error=1. It's nothing wrong with the path, FileExists makes sure of that (Always returns 1). When I then try using Run instead of ShellExecute, I still get an error. Any idea why it just works at first, but then starts to fail every time?
  18. Hey people. I want to keep running a process executed by the main compiled script after I kill the process, using ProcessKill. The problem is that after killing the parent process, the children is also terminated. I tried using Run, ShellExecute (what I need to run are batch commands BTW). Anyway to prevent this behavior? All I can think of is creating a scheduled task to keep it alive after closing the main one, but it might be unreliable, depending on the system.
  19. Good Afternoon All Let me start by saying... I'm not sure if this belongs in the GUI part of the forum as it's more of a loop / code / dynamic GUI layout issue. I understand if you move it though. I have been doing some crazy things in AutoIT lately and one of them just so happens to be an accidental infinite loop. I am dynamically populating my GUI labels... so that means if I have a users ip address I create $L_PP1_WhoISSearch However, if I assign a function to a non existent label... for instance a user has no ip address or it is invalid, I get an infinite loop / crash. The While loop b
  20. I created a Launcher script for work, which checks a network drive for the newest version of a Microsoft Access front end file, updates the user's copy if they have an older version, and then launches the newest version. However, each time it's run, new tasks keep showing up in the Task Manager that don't get closed. I've tracked down the problem to the ShellExecute function. ShellExecute("U:\My Documents\Access DB\Test.accdb") I created a script with a single line of code (above) and ran it 10 times. 2 out of 10 times (2nd run and 10th run), the script opened the Test.accdb file and stopp
  21. If I use the ShellExecute() function to access a URL, it opens IE and directs the browser to the page. This method seems to work flawlessly, but I was wondering whether it would be better to open the link using a different method, or if there is a preferred method? If anyone can advise me on this, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  22. Hey guys, im writing on my project and got some memory leaks. Actual im looking for the leak for a month and now i got some curios results. I wrote some testscripts, to see, if AutoIt causes memory leaks. So i wrote some testscript for Listviews, Lists, and Labels to see, if i create a Listview with lets say 1000 items and delete them, does AutoIt reset the complete memory of these items? i'd say no. I did some tests and got the result that in best case 4K memory is missing ... Testscript #1: Listview created by nature func in combination with UDF funcs to create and delete items. #include
  23. I'm trying to get some code working with ShellExecute. I would like the Window to execute hidden, but it does not seem to be working when I set the SW_HIDE flag. Any help is much appreciated. Code below: Local $tmp = "C:\Temp" Local $msi = $tmp & '\AdobeFlash.msi' If Not FileExists($tmp) = 1 Then DirCreate($tmp) InetGet("http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/licensing/win/install_flash_player_11_plugin.msi", $msi, 0, 0) $afEXE = ShellExecute("AdobeFlash.msi", "", $tmp, "open", @SW_HIDE) Do $run = ControlClick("Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin - InstallShield Wizard"
  24. Hi, trying to start an exe with parameters, and making a count while it's executing, like this: Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1) Opt("TrayAutoPause", 0) Opt("TrayOnEventMode", 1) SplashImageOn("Intel", "img\intel.jpg", -1, -1, -1, -1, 1) Sleep(1000) SplashOff() ProgressOn("Progress...", "Working", "0 percent") ;ProgressSet(0, "0 %", "Working") If FileExists("MEI_Intel_XP32_Vista_Win7_6001179\setup.exe") Then ShellExecute("MEI_Intel_XP32_Vista_Win7_6001179\SETUP.EXE", "-s") Count() Else MsgBox(64, "FileExists Function", "Intel MEI .exe not found!", 0) Exit EndIf Func Count() For $i = 0 To 100 Ste
  25. Well ,sometimes if you try to pen firefox hidden or minimized,doesn't work ,and when it works,you can't show it again on the monitor ShellExecute( "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe","Google - Mozilla Firefox","","open",@SW_HIDE) Sleep(2000) WinSetState( "Google - Mozilla Firefox","",@SW_SHOW)
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