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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! 😃 I've 2 simple scripts: Script 1 starts script 2 Script 1 gets executed with normal user rights (un-elevated) Script 2 contains an #RequireAdmin and therefor can only start elevated I want to read the output of script 2 with script 1 AND have the UAC of script 2 being activated as fullscreen Script 1 (Scripts location is the same as script 2 that I'm running with Run() Local $iPID, $sOutput $iPID = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & "C:\Entwicklung\Autoit\Test\Temp.exe", @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, 0x2) ProcessWaitClose($iPID) $sOu
  2. I/O Port Functions UDF Windows 7 and x64-compatible! This is a simple I/O (Input/Output) UDF for interacting with ports. The ability to write to ports was stripped from Windows with Vista+. While many do not miss this ability, there are some uses still in existence: Re-enable the internal PC Speaker - the good ol' "Beep" function can be restored using basic I/O PS/2 Keyboard Functions - Turn it off/on, mess with LED's, inject keys into the keyboard output stream - even thwart UAC prompts! =O Also work with Parallel, Serial (COM), PS/2 mouse, and miscellaneous ports that devices interface th
  3. Hello my friends I have an urgent problem and we hope you can help me I want to detect if the audio output of the device has changed Such as the headset is connected or disConnected. or change the default audio output Is this possible? I really searched a lot and found suggestions but unfortunately I did not understand them Please explain to me Greetings
  4. Hi guys I'm looking for how to detect if the default audio output has changed During my research I found this file I did not know how to use it can anyone guide me how it works please. Thanks in advance audioOutputIsChanged.au3
  5. i'm trying to create a program that let's the user type a word in an input field (gui) and when a button is pressed the letters of the word are replaced by 1 word each from a list of words in a text file i created the gui for it but i need help to add some more code to make it work like intented each letter of a word should be replaced by a word from a text file the text file is a source for replacing letters is a file with 2 columns separated by tab that contains the entire alphabet (26 rows) please help if possible i posted an example gui screenshot
  6. I have a question About the Output from a Var which looks like : 34.32132312321 How to make it work that it looks like : 34.321 I already searched through some AutoIt Includes >.< I hope somebody can help by this $Byte = InetGetSize(http://download853.mediafire.com/albf2b2g21bg/6tkd4gb68qdb7hd/Anime+Pics.rar,0);Download Size in Byte(Just an old Pic File) If $Byte > 1024 Then $Kilobyte = $Byte / 1024;Converting Byte to Kilobytes If $Kilobyte > 1024 Then $Megabyte = $Kilobyte / 1024;Converting Kilobyte to Megabyte If $Megabyte > 1024 Then
  7. I have spent the past couple of hours trying to find a solution to this. Is there a way to output the data from a RunWait to a text file? I need to use the RunWait as I need each command to complete before the next one starts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & GUICtrlRead($hLetter) & ":&&cd\" & GUICtrlRead($hPath) & "&&TAKEOWN /f " & GUICtrlRead($hFolder) & " /r /d y" > "C:\log.txt", "", @SW_HIDE) But that does not work either. Here is my code: #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <Wind
  8. Could anyone please tell me how I get this application to write its information out to a notepad file? Thank you in advance. I had tried changing the code to reference "Untitled - Notepad" instead of the Product 2009 and I would think the send commands and references to buttons and specific pages would need to be removed also. For example I would like to set the $amount to say 100 and then have it write 000-00-0001, 000-00-0002 etc etc until the end of the count into the notepad file. #include <GUIConstants.au3> #include <IE.au3> $me = GUICreate("Desktop Generator", 450,
  9. Hello my friends. When i make a button with Koda and name it ( j ) it makes it a ( i ) just a bit longer. first i thought it was a Koda bug and said i just change it in the SCITE editor, but when i am trying that it happens there too. Everything in my pc and both apps are in English language.Why is that ? screen shot :
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