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Found 13 results

  1. PSPad4AutoIt3 v2.0.0 beta (2021-04-16) All parts are freeware. PSPad4AutoIt3 consists of the Editor PSPad and the Improvement Kit, and can be used as an portable editor IDE for AutoIt3. The author of the PSPad Editor is Jan Fiala. I (Professor Bernd) am only the author of the Improvement Kit. Contact us: This is the first fully portable version of PSPad4AutoIt3. There are a lot of changes and new features, e.g. - a separate AutoIt3 menu in the PSPad main menu, - the shortcuts are SciTE-like, - Tidy for Au3, - in CallTipViewer a recognition for writing "(", - a dia
  2. So I just got a new computer, and instantly went and installed Autoit onto it. I selected run script as default action when clicking on an au3 file, however every time I do this it opens the script in the editor. I can from there run the script no problem. I've tried reinstalling and checking the settings by hitting "Ctrl+1" and have confirmed it is set to run, but yet it just continues to open in the editor. Any ideas why this is happening or how to solve? New system is windows 10, old was windows 7
  3. Hello All! i suggest to set default encoding in Scite4 for Autoit 3 to UTF 8 with Bom encoding, format recommended also in Autoit Help. In last editor version, when i open new script, for example Czech characters (č, ř, ž) aren't correct. So when i change Encoding to UTF 8 with Bom from Default Code page property state, everithing seems to be OK. Thank you and sorry for potentialy duplicated content. Fenzik
  4. What's new section: Snowman_Sky is game using MapIt engine. MapIt will evolve here for a little bit. Download: [ http://songersoft.com/programming/Snowman_Sky.zip ] Video demonstrating new sprite_sheet class and weather effect. Working on the Class section of the Character Sheet. Which is what makes multiclassing possible. Changing the value of Class will load the stored value for XP. Lvl will be updated to the XP tier. Hit points are then rolled for each level of all learned classes. Hit dice are specific to each class and a Constitution mod
  5. Hi. I can open the editor with out problems but I can not compile because it is placed on another partition diferent from C. Can you provide an update of this bug?
  6. MikahS


    Version 1.9.5


    This is a notepad program written entirely in AutoIt. It has all the basics of notepad that you would expect. This is NOT feature complete, yet. I have included the source code for your pleasure, and feel free to give me pointers if you'd like to help out development (This is all done with AutoIt version If you use any code from this, please leave a comment or something linking to this post, thank you. Prev dls from old forum: 783 run the install to put the AuPad.exe and AuPad.ico in the program files directory under AuPad. Also, the install puts the RESH.au3 (all thanks to @Beege) U
  7. I needed a tool that would allow me to edit local group policy files. Registry policy files contain registry information used by the local group policy. Editing these files, followed by a `gpupdate /force` command allows you to enforce the modified local group policy. To my surprise, there aren't many editors out there for this type of file. I found a few implementations across the net, but none of them did everything I wanted or they were not free. Mainly I wanted a tool that provided read/write capabilities for the registry policy file format (.pol) via GUI and command line interface. So I
  8. Hello everyone! As always, I'm proud to present you vPaint. It's an image editor. It uses GDI+ as its drawing library. I want to thank to all members of this forum. Without you, this app wouldn't be ever written. Thank you for everything. Download: vPaint 4 image editor
  9. I'm getting pretty tired of switching tabs back and forth between scripts in the script editor, is there any way to get the tabs out into multiple windows? I have multiple monitors so this would be VERY useful! -Thank you
  10. I got a new computer and just re-installed all of Autoit including sciTE4Autoit3. How do I setup sciTE to open a new script instead of the last script I was working on? I looked in the sciTE help as well as looked using google and have not been able to find the answer. Thanks, Grimm
  11. Let me explain better.And Im 100% sure many have this problem and would be awesome if there would be a fix for this . So : In the SciTE script editor, if I load a big project, I want my source code to be clean, good ordered and concise. Because I have many functions, I often tight or expand them via that left little '+' or '-' cube button of the function. But after I close the SciTE window, ofc my sourcecode gets saved but not and the functions state ! Everytime I start the project , I start with all the functions expanded, despite if they were tightened or expanded . What could I do to
  12. Hello my friends. When i make a button with Koda and name it ( j ) it makes it a ( i ) just a bit longer. first i thought it was a Koda bug and said i just change it in the SCITE editor, but when i am trying that it happens there too. Everything in my pc and both apps are in English language.Why is that ? screen shot :
  13. Startup Manager allows you to customise the programs that run on startup and supports all of the different methods that programs can run on startup. If you want to run your own program on startup, or remove unnessecary ones, then this program will make your life easier. Features: Supports Registry and startup folder. Shows and allows you to modify whether it affects all user accounts or just yours and if it will run all the time, or just once. Allows you to add your own applications to the startup folder. Startup Manager.au3 Guinesses UDF for I hope you like it Updates: Added guidis
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