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Found 2 results

  1. PSPad4AutoIt3 v2.0.0 beta (2021-04-16) All parts are freeware. PSPad4AutoIt3 consists of the Editor PSPad and the Improvement Kit, and can be used as an portable editor IDE for AutoIt3. The author of the PSPad Editor is Jan Fiala. I (Professor Bernd) am only the author of the Improvement Kit. Contact us: This is the first fully portable version of PSPad4AutoIt3. There are a lot of changes and new features, e.g. - a separate AutoIt3 menu in the PSPad main menu, - the shortcuts are SciTE-like, - Tidy for Au3, - in CallTipViewer a recognition for writing "(", - a dialog for registering file extensions with Pau3, - a nice about dialog in "90s style", - the CodeExplorer can now be displayed together with the FavTools on the right side, ( so the panel on the left side can be completely hidden ) - and much more ... See here for details All in all a lot has been done and it is worth to have a look Praise, criticism, ideas, tips and hints on bugs are welcome. Have fun with the new features! Thank you very much, Professor Bernd. Special thanks for the friendly support goes to: Jan Fiala (Author of PSPad) Jos van der Zande (Author of AutoIt3Wrapper, Tidy, ...) alpines (suggestions, ideas, testing, design for syntax colors, develop routines) argumentum (feedback, suggestions, ideas) AspirinJunkie (RegExp pattern, ideas and code snippets) Bitnugger (suggestions, ideas and code snippets) BugFix (suggestions, ideas and code snippets) Gun-Food (for making it possible to publish the project here) LarsJ (VBScript<->AutoIt communication, …) Musashi (suggestions and ideas) Credits for many other contributors can be found in the Pau3 About dialog. PSPad4AutoIt3 v2.1.0 beta - Update (2021-05-02) See here for details v2.1.0 beta - Update Download in the german forum PSPad4AutoIt3 (Editor IDE), end of post #1
  2. Hello, I'm programming an automated email and have a line that is really long. I am using SciTE as my console. Here is that line in test. $rc = _INetSmtpMailCom($SmtpServer, $FromName, $FromAddress, $aArray2[$i][3], $Subject, "This is a form letter meant for " & $aArray2[$i][1] &" "& $aArray2[$i][2]&"." & @CRLF & "The letters in "& $aArray2[$i][1] &" "& $aArray2[$i][2] & "'s first name are " &  $aArray2[$i][4] &" " & $aArray2[$i][5] &" "&$aArray2[$i][6] &" "& $aArray2[$i][7] &" "&$aArray2[$i][8] &" "& $aArray2[$i][9] & @CRLF & chr(13) & "Thank you." & chr(13) & " ", $AttachFiles, $CcAddress, $BccAddress, $Importance, $Username, $Password, $IPPort, $ssl)  The body of the email that the $rc function is creating begins after $Subject and ends after chr(13) & " ",. That body is the primary cause of the length. When this goes live, I can easily see adding 3000+ characters to this line. Is there a line limit? Is there a way to wrap text in SciTE? Do you have a trick to break that line up into multiple lines for ease of coding and reading? "Ideally I would like to be able to type text like this " & @CRLF & "so that I could read what I am writing easily " & @CRLF & "without having to keep scrolling to the right or " & @CRLF & "to the left.  Scrolling is quite a pain in the neck " & @CRLF & "and with 5000 characters, it might even become  " & @CRLF & "a programming showstopper." I am not able to pass this entire string as a variable because this string contains variables embedded in a for loop. Thus, in so doing, I would multiplicate the loop. I'll take any help I can get!
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