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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm making program(using AutoIt) that would connect to server. I need help converting numbers to VarInt. About VarInt: About VarInt: https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/docs/encoding#varints I can't understand how VarInt works, maybe somebody could help me? Thanks
  2. Hi ^^, Just a little list of question: 1. How to make an Var which defines everything like ' * ' Var of Windows 2. How to add The Var(1.) within the a ComboBox or In the Menu 3. How to load simply an *.au3 File wich adding a GUI and to the Main GUI a Button 4. Using XML Files instead of 3. (I know the XMLDom or how it was named but Include file isn't anymore on my side avaible) 5. Progressbar which is attached to Loading the File of 3./4. Thanks to everyone who helps :3
  3. I have a question About the Output from a Var which looks like : 34.32132312321 How to make it work that it looks like : 34.321 I already searched through some AutoIt Includes >.< I hope somebody can help by this $Byte = InetGetSize(http://download853.mediafire.com/albf2b2g21bg/6tkd4gb68qdb7hd/Anime+Pics.rar,0);Download Size in Byte(Just an old Pic File) If $Byte > 1024 Then $Kilobyte = $Byte / 1024;Converting Byte to Kilobytes If $Kilobyte > 1024 Then $Megabyte = $Kilobyte / 1024;Converting Kilobyte to Megabyte If $Megabyte > 1024 Then
  4. So I have been in and out of AutoIt for a few years now and I've never come across a situration where I'd need to verify if an a variable is an array or not. So here's the deal - I have a database that contains 1 table with a few different columns. When a user initially opens the script, it will see if their "username" pulled from @UserName is stored in the database (which is always unique). If their username is not in the database, it inserts a record (using EzMySql) including their username, full name (pulled from -> _AD_Open() Global $adFullName = _AD_GetObjectAttribute(@
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