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Found 5 results

  1. During the AutoIt installer it gives the option to install 32bit or 64bit tools. Most systems these days are 64bit. Should I be creating autoit programs for both? Do autoit compiled applications really benefit from being 64 vs 32? If compiled for 64bit will there be a problem using the mass of UDFs available or does that not matter? Under what circumstances is compiling for 64bit going to make my program run better? Are there any downsides? Any differences in how I develop, use UDFs, DLLs, anything? Also, if I install 64bit Autoit tools can I still compile for 32bit and what about IE brows
  2. Hello, I'm making program(using AutoIt) that would connect to server. I need help converting numbers to VarInt. About VarInt: About VarInt: https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/docs/encoding#varints I can't understand how VarInt works, maybe somebody could help me? Thanks
  3. Hello, I will put it as simple as possible Why this code runs perfectly on 32bit and it fails on 64bit? Local $hWND = WinGetProcess("[CLASS:LSS_app]") ConsoleWrite($hWND & @LF) Local $hModuleList = _WinAPI_EnumProcessModules($hWND) If @error Then ConsoleWrite("Error: " & @error & @LF) For $i = 0 To $hModuleList[0][0] - 1 ;~ If StringInStr($hModuleList[$i][1], "sysCap64.dll") Then ConsoleWrite($hModuleList[$i][0] & @LF) ;~ EndIf Next As the title says EnumProcessModules returns error 10 which I have no clue what it is.
  4. As documented here, it is possible to bypass registry redirection when running a 32bit application on a 64bit Windows installation, using HKLM64 or HKCR64. I quote: In this thread, >this feature's existence is denied. Also, if this feature exists and works, does it work on both production and beta? And can I also specificy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE64 and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT64 instead of HKLM64 and HKCR64?
  5. Hello - I've got a situation for which I'd like to get some insight from those more knowledgeable than I: I have an Autoit application that I deploy as an executable. I can be deployed (I hope) to any level of Windows (2K - 8) both 32 and 64 bit. I has a sub-component that is a java app (BaseX XML database). I develop on a Win 7 Pro 64bit machine. Just recently (last 4 months), I had not touched it since its last version and I started coding/testing again for another release. It no longer worked! I'd not changed the code but both the compiled and non-compiled versions now failed on my de
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